Company profile

Shining Alliance LTD. was born out of passion and creativity by a team brought together by a common aspiration "To bring data science to another level".

Shining Alliance provides data analytics to in various industries driving strategy and decision making to its highest possibilities.

We have made partnerships with leading industry experts and analysts to provide the highest quality of data in the market.

Corporate culture

We believe that the team should not only have a clear vision and communication structure, but also a clear process to implement the planning objectives. The company provides partners with a better operational base, while integrating leading processes and systems to improve the performance and quality of one stream.

Since its establishment, the company has been successful. As a business processing outsourcing service provider, that is, the management and operation of high-performance customer service companies, we have been increasing partners, we have a successful corporate culture, we are your secret weapon.

1.Corporate vision

Take the customer as the center, take the customer's needs and interests as the first place. And firmly believe that "service is only a starting point, satisfaction without end."

2.enterprise mission

Combine customer needs with technology to achieve higher profits, lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and lasting customer relationships. Making transactions easier and making experience more human!

3.Enterprise values

User demand is the pursuit of enterprises, based on talents and technology, to create the best products and services.

4.Team spirit

One mind can go farther, and one can go nearer to virtue. Integrity and efficient service to users, unite and forge ahead and strive for efficiency.

Service content

We provide customer experience support for the entire life cycle of your customers. These products include customer service, sales support, complex order processing, accounts receivable management, technical and product support, and other industry-specific processes. We provide these services by leveraging technology, proxy performance tools, analysis, self-service applications, and a variety of other tools to support our brand.

We integrate communication channels between enterprises and customers, establish a customer-centered service model, high-quality, efficient, all-round to provide customers with a variety of services. Strive to enhance corporate brand and customer loyalty. Attract new customers and retain existing customers. Provide personalized service and differentiated services to customers and gain competitive advantages. By means of telephone, mobile phone, fax, WEB and other information access, and by means of manual, automatic voice, WEB and other ways to provide customers with various pre-sale and after-sales services, the established enterprise and customer communication platform. Multiple channels for customers to choose, and provide 7 x 24 hours service. Improve customer satisfaction.

Through communicating with customers, we fully understand the specific objectives of customers and predict the needs of customers. Teams use the right tools and techniques to define the right solutions from the initial stages of customer engagement to full operation. We provide the right people, the right leadership training and guidance, and through the right technology, to bring meaningful impact on customer business. Our way of execution and participation builds a lasting trust with our customers through the Hass system.

Our team

From the executive level to the management level are our carefully selected service teams, our employees are the most experienced team in the industry. The management team has been focusing on ensuring that our partners receive the highest quality of service, while also focusing on strategies to reduce costs and improve performance. Our relationship management approach is a systematic practice involving account communication, product understanding, profit management and account planning. Higher performance standards have been set to continuously increase sales and conversion rates, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Our employees are keen on helping customers. Whether they're on the phone, managing social media, solving problems in the office, or providing support in the center, everyone does something every day. Our team believes in itself and believes in each other. They support each other to try new things, keep trying and keep a positive attitude.

We know that the best way to serve our customers is to build a smart, agile, diverse, entrepreneurial team to do business. We know that employees are the most dazzling when they feel valuable, so we invest in our team as deeply as we do with our customers. We aim to keep knowledge, talent and passion for a long time. Our employees come from all walks of life, all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, the diversity of the team can bring more to your enterprise.

Join us

Looking forward to working with you.

We will tailor solutions to your specific customers to suit your specific goals. We will use the right combination of channels or channels, including voice, social media, online chat and virtual agents. Our shared service team will handle your background operations securely. In all these aspects, our real magic is our culture. This has made us a family, we are united in one, we will make your business in the market more effective competition.

Our core values permeate every aspect of our operation and culture. Whether with our customers or employees, we attach great importance to the establishment of mutual respect, cooperation and investment in the success of the trust relationship. This is the core of our effort, standing behind each team member and always focusing on the ultimate goal of customer brand success. Working with you, we will find the most suitable business for you. Do you want to sell more and increase your market share? Promoting stronger customer loyalty and advocacy? No matter what the goal is, your customers are the core of what we do.

Find suitable work for you!

We are committed to building a stronger, more sustainable and more dynamic future, so we are committed to investing in your development, providing you with the best technical skills and ensuring a full, long-term career. Employees enjoy open management of life and breathing. Your efforts will also be rewarded. We have a generous staff incentive plan. Are you looking for a job in the contact center or in a company office? As a member of the Hass family, we are delighted to join the team. Visit our recruitment portal and apply for the job now. We are growing up looking for talents to join us.

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